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We work with Company Owners, Directors and Sales Managers to help them build and sustain successful sales teams.

About Autus HR

Autus HR builds trusting, long term partnerships with clients in the technology and service sectors to help them grow.

Building and maintaining a successful sales function is a constant challenge, yet vital to the success of an organisation. Autus HR understands how difficult this is and how damaging it can be when things go wrong.

Our highly innovative and flexible methodology is adapted to meet each client’s specific situation and objectives. By working with us, clients benefit from our experience of working with thousands of Sales Professionals. We provide a high quality, project based service, which saves senior management valuable time whilst minimising their exposure to the risk of non-performance.

Autus delivers a singular concentration of effort, determination and client focus that will not be surpassed by any other HR partner.


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Many small differences contribute to a significant overall difference.

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